Contestants win a variety of awesome prizes appealing to the most novice to advanced writer:

  • Cash Prizes for every contest
  • Ask the Author, Editor, and Agent Pitch and Discussion Zoom Sessions
  • Page Reads, Feedback, and Edits
  • Books, Shwag, and Grab-bag Prizes options
  • Donation & Pay It Forward Options
  • & More!

All contests will have cash prizes, but some will also offer selections from our Prize Grab Bag.

See your contest page for your specific prize selections.

Prize Grab Bag

Prize Grab Bag selections will rotate, but check out some of our Grab Bag options:

  • 15- Minute Ask the Author / Editor / Agent zoom sessions
  • 30-Minute Writing Group / Book Club meet the author
  • 15-Minute discussion and pitch session with an agent via zoom
  • 25-page read and discuss with editor
  • 15-page read and discuss with editor
  • 10-page Read Through and discussion with author
  • Book Store Choose an author and receive all their available titles
  • Book Store Choose a book from any of our judges
  • Book Store Shwag

Gratitude and Generosity

OMG you just won a writing contest! Can you ever even imagine being happier?!?!

Well, did you know that being generous can make you happier and positively impact your long-term well-being? Woot! Woot!

You can win cash and prizes AND reap the benefits of generosity. Remember to bring the party to your community by donating to any good cause you believe in.

Maybe share the wealth by doing a random act of kindness in your own life (smile, hold a door open, leave a nice note, share a compliment). There are always ways to give. It doesn’t need to be financial and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Give in whatever ways serve you best.

Oh yeah, and CONGRATULATIONS on your win! You’re an awesome Rockstar of a writer!!! **Happy Dance**