Creative projects are always unique and personal, and we at The Write Contest honor individual expression. We also are dedicated to a fair and unbiased review of your work so it is necessary to have a standardized approach to our judging.

Uploaded contest entries cannot have identifying contact information and all submissions appear anonymously to our judging panel.

(Contestants are advised not to include names or other markers of personal identity in the title or body of any uploaded work.)

Although there may be varied criteria added to a particular contest (specifically screen writing and video submissions) all submissions will be rated on the same qualities and no part of our contest is random or by chance.

Our contests will be rated on:

Creativity and Originality

Demonstrates imagination, divergent thinking, and/or an uncommon viewpoint or outcome. Unique approach, perspective, and shows individuality.

Style and Characterization

Distinctive voice and style of writing. Characters are vivid and compelling

Quality and Structure

Organization of writing is logical and effective. Sentence fluency is smooth and expressive. Piece has a sense of completion in that it has a beginning, middle, and end.

Clear and Compelling

Coherent and evokes interest.

Story Gestalt & Readability

The unified piece as a whole. How the work is perceived, processed, and pieced together into a complete experience for the reader.

Rules and Wordcount

Adherence to specific parameters of individual contests

What does all this really mean for this contest and to you as a writer?

Just be yourself!

Most bad writing occurs from good writers trying to be literary, or when they try to write like someone else. Just be YOU. Your voice is unique and authentic and that is what a reader wants.

Write what you know or imagine…

Write what interests you or piques a curiosity…

Write whatever YOU want to write (as long as it aligns with the contest rules 😉) and have fun with it.

HAVE FUN WRITING!!! and we look forward to the great opportunity of reading this version of your writing experiment.