There’s always some converstion between the mountains, the vale and the man. The first two always natter and chat, but for us they will first check whether we are worthy of their treasure-like realm. The winding paths and passes around the crown ask us about our journeys. The Deodars of high principle tell us to reach out and aim for the sky but stay strongly connected with the roots. Chinar signifies beauty and bracing the crunches for it provides the splash of hues in autumn.The plume of clouds that runs into the mountains says that everyone can pass through towering obstacles. All the rivers originating in the mountains have so much to tell about their adventures. Along with that a lullaby at night, some “good morning” whispers for the early risers and chuckles of refreshment at noon. Have you ever heard a part of their travelogue when they meander? Or is it just that the flowing waters are only left with concrete and metals and rotating turbines? #shivaniponders

About the author: Shivani A.
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