Welcome to The Write Contest! A playground designed for creative expression…

(That also happens to have CASH PRIZES!)

The Write Contest and Community is a website designed to hold space for and encourage creative expression.

We offer online contests for individuals to grow and challenge themselves. All entries are anonymous to our judges so even the most nervous ‘I’m not a real writer’ writer can step into new possibilities and challenge themselves.

We also offer tips on craft, education, q&a with professionals in the field, and an online community environment to share work and get feedback.

Our purpose is to provide a safe foundation for curiosity to grow and develop within ourselves, our community and in our world. We want to support individuals to push through their boundaries and urge them to lean into the many challenges of being a human in this crazy wonderful world.

TWCC is made up of a tribe of fabulously flawed humans in a shared journey to make the world a tiny bit better today than it was yesterday and have fun doing it. (If that fails, we will try again tomorrow.)

We challenge you to step outside the security of the known and reach for the imagined.

Short Story Contest Coming Soon!

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

~expressed ideas of Richard Bach

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Why Enter Our Contests

Along with our community and education, we run contests throughout the year. There are a lot of reasons to join The Write Contest & Community contests…

  • Umm, what else did you have planned for today?!?! (I bet this is more fun! 🙂
  • You can Win Money!
  • You can Win Prizes!
  • You can Win a chance to talk with Authors, Editors, and Agents!
  • You can Get Feedback from professionals and refine your craft!
  • You can Challenge yourself, your friends, your writing and book groups! (including all of you who just thought, “I’m not a REAL writer/artist/creator.”) WE SEE YOU!
  • You can do something new, and interesting, and nerve wracking! 🙂
  • And best of all…You can make a difference! EVERY SINGLE ENTRY contributes to making the world a little more awesome!!!

We want you to have fun pushing yourself to try new and scary things. It’s always hard to share your work no matter how experienced you become. TWCC is a great way to stretch yourself and develop skillsets.

We welcome writers, artists, and creators of all kinds and every level of experience (including all of you who just thought, “I’m not a REAL…writer, artist, or creator”) WE SEE YOU!

If you are a professional, a beginner, or someone who’s never even admitted to yourself that you might want to write someday…TWCC is your community.

Come. Share. Learn. Know. Discover. Teach. Play. Grow.

Enjoy the journey!

Because…Why Not, Write?!?


The Judges

We believe it is not only the experts in the field who can make us better writers, but also the avid readers who we create our stories for. The Write Contest brings together a community of Authors, Agents, Bibliophiles, Book Reviewers, Editors, Instructors, Logophiles, Screen Writers, Avid Readers, and Professionals of every kind who share our love of the written word. Experts in other fields and Guest Judges are assigned to specialized contests and events and Judges continue to be added as new contests open.

There’s a panel of judges assessing every submission and each contest has Featured Judges tasked with selecting the the top winners from our pool of finalists.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

~expressed ideas of Oscar Wilde

The Prizes

$ $ $ $ $ $

Cash and prizes are awarded for every challenge. See individual contest pages for prize distribution and award dates.

All contests will award cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Some will have cash and prizes for top 10 and special categories!

Join Us!

A portion of each registration will go to funding The Write Scholarship, Insights, and Residency program to make sure everyone can enjoy the contests, resources, and connections offered by The Write Contest Community.

We also donate a portion of each entry to organizations dedicated to doing good in the world. Watch the donation dollars mount by joining one of our contests.


We will compile donations while contests run and donate the funds bi-annually.

May we write the words that right the world through challenging ourselves as individuals, through  authenticity and growth, and through contributing to a community of kindness.
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